CreVisual start New Avenues of Storytelling

2017-11-07 12:22:44

Tell Your Most Powerful Story

Broadcasting is about reaching people with stories. To captivate audiences and keep them absorbed, the stories you tell must be compelling.

Vivid and dynamic display solutions are vital technologies for improving the viewer experience. By reinforcing broadcasts with striking imagery and engaging viewers through interactive content, stories are brought to life.

New Avenues of Storytelling

Cutting-edge display technologies are opening new realms in broadcast applications that engage audiences through live sources, interactive storytelling and immersive experiences. On-air personalities can easily interact with content images and foster deeper connections with audiences by telling stories with compelling visuals. Emerging trends in simulation, integrated environments and virtual and augmented realities present new opportunities for driving engagement.

Viewers Expect the Best

Digital technology is changing rapidly and with consumers living in ever-increasing visual and interactive environments, they have come to expect the highest standard of image quality. Studio upgrades featuring investments in fine pitch LED video walls help broadcasters to stay relevant with consumer audiences and stand out in a highly competitive market.

Downtime is Not an Option

In a live television broadcast—where every second counts—avoiding delays and downtime is the highest priority. Display solutions designed with redundant video and power and 24x7 reliability provide continuous operation for mission-critical broadcast applications.

Optimizing the Workflow

The market expectation for more dynamic content delivered faster is reinventing the workflow in today’s newsroom. To keep pace, broadcasters are increasingly employing mission-critical display technologies in master control rooms for confidence monitoring and to quickly create graphics, modify content and make studio changes on the fly.